Weapon Change

  • Sun, 9 Jan, 2021
Weapon Change

Terms of the item that can be exchanged after 24 hours to exchange for another item. Suppose you have a Pegasus +10 then switched to Lapis + 10. Before 24 hours, the + 10 layer cannot be exchanged for other items.

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Weapon change
pegasus+10 Lapis+10 25000
Abyssal+10 70000
Laziness+10 120000
Legendary Pegasus Gear+10 250000
Lapis+10 Abyssal+10 50000
Laziness+10 100000
Legendary Pegasus Gear+10 200000
Abyssal+10 Laziness+10 50000
Legendary Pegasus Gear+10 150000
Laziness+10 Legendary Pegasus Gear+10 125000

Ketentuan item yang bisa ditukarkan setelah 24 jam untuk menukarkan ke item yang lain. Misalkan Anda memiliki Pegasus +10 kemudian ditukarkan ke Lapis+10. Sebelum 24 jam, lapis+10 tidak bisa ditukarkan dengan item lainnya.